The Nut Shack (done!)

I have an OCC drift trike I am puting parts together for, but realize I will never finish it in time. :shake:

So I'm gonna do yet another strandie to go bar hopping on cause I feel like I still haven't found the perfect size for me after the last 2..

84' 17" Miyata with a 21" top tube. and some 86' Akisu forks that should be here by the weekend.

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Jul 25, 2016
Chicago - far west burbs
Im in, your other ones came out great. Black again? Would look great with the gold anno.

Im into the same stuff you are with bmx and the 26's, lookong forward to what you come up with
Home alone tonight, so I figure I'll get all bent and do a little bit of eveything in the inventory. :crazy:
Might clean the wheels later if I'm still standin.
Making my favorite coonass chicken too since I'm the only one that loves it! I'm starting to realize I need another project for the next couple weeks while the frame and fork are getting thier art on..

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I got a peek at it this afternoon when i dropped off the forks. She was freaking out cause the marker's were getting primer dust on them and she thought it was the paint coming off.. :bigsmile:.

From seeing just the head tube that she's done, it's gonna be sweett!!
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