The Goose is cooked...........

Oct 26, 2010
Mid west
First off congratulations to everyone on RRB's, I am very happy that I stumbled upon this website!! It's really helped me out more than anyone on here will ever know!! There is a crazy amount of talent on here from young to "old", from fabricators, welders, painters and just a terrific bond of individuals in this scene! It's going to be very hard to narrow down my votes so I vote for everyone on here! Don't worry, I will narrow it down! :lol:

Well I think mine is done for this phase of it's life, I think it went from a rust bucket to well..............a little better! :wink: I had no idea where I was wanting to take it, I thought it was going to be super low and fairly "Ratty", but in the end it's not so low, and only somewhat "Ratty".

It's a ten footer for sure, by the time I managed to assemble it I had more scratches and nicks on it than it had to begin with! Ok that's not entirely true, but nevertheless! As I was starting to get into it I was seeing things like lights, and lowered fenders, and a speedo...etc etc etc.

My imagination and technical know how would be my biggest opponent, but all and's not so bad, so take a look!

First though, I have to thank my better half for putting up with my involvement in this bike! From cursing, throwing wrenches, and cursing...........did I mention cursing!? :oops: She kept at me to keep at it! Thanks for that lovebug!

Where it started.......

And basically where it ended up........with a bunch of pics of me acting silly, taken by my "relationship manager" ie: Jill! Thank you sweety! :mrgreen:

And last but not least.............what's really all about! Just having fun!

Cheers once again!!!

P.S...................I am already starting to really plan my next one!! :mrgreen:
Jun 10, 2011
Great work on tidying up that old bird. I really like the colour white just now so I love the look of this.

best of luck to you