the Fat Rat

Sep 21, 2007
ICT, Kansas
Here it is LIVE and IN PERSON, oh wait, I guest its not really live but it used to be, and not in person just photos on the internet, well anyway its the Fat Rat.
I KILLED NO ANIMALS TO BUILD THIS BIKE. They were dead when I got them, I just re-cycled them.

May 29, 2011
I usually don't like the current venacular, but your bike it totally awesome. The best use of raccoons in the entire build. The facial reconstruction makes her look like a rabid rat. I'm impressed. Watch out for PETA when you cruise. I'd like to see some of your other work?
Feb 3, 2008
This bike reminds me of that scene in ghostbusters where that woman's mink coat comes alive and runs off. I imagine that later on all the other animal coats gather up to form a bicycle.