The Chief


Dec 4, 2006
The wheels with the tires pop out of the monitor. The Fat Franks are a cushy ride. I have the Big Apples on my Xtracycle. Low psi really soaks up the bumps.
I was taking pictures for my upcoming book today and took some shots of where I am right now with The Chief. I'm on vacation so hopefully I'll have some time to finish it. Kindly disregard the chain ring on there, it's just a mock up.

Gerry :)

Mr. Farrell said:
hey Gerry... do you have any idea where i could get a chief frame? i looked online but noone seems to sell the frame itself.
Sorry bro, I tried as well and nobody sells just the frame. But look online, this bike is sold by so many online bike outlets, you are bound to find an entire bike for a good price. Good luck :D
Thanks for the great comments guys. Right now the rear wheel is built and awaiting my attention in the truing stand before paint. I found a decent gooseneck and handlebars. I'm keeping the tank plate for last since I need to make sure that the bike is ridable before anything else. Pics soon.
Well I got it running after finishing the rear wheel. It rides like a dream. I'll have to keep the chain ring for now. I have scrounged every part I could find in my stash and it's stretched thin. The money spent on the tires was the bulk of my budget. I have some interesting accessories going on it.

Took the Chief out for it's maiden voyage this evening. I rode down to the Mile End Bike garage where I volunteer and used some down time to install lights, bell and what every fire apparatus needs...a siren. :mrgreen: The bike rode great, but I had some issues with the front hub that was making an awful bit of metallic noise. Turns out I forgot to pack it with grease. :oops: The seat is pretty weird. I haven't decided if it's rough or it's just because I bruised/broke my tailbone recently. (No more skateboard for this guy.) About the only thing left to do now is the tank plate's paint job.