The Chief

I got my hands on a piece of sheet metal and managed to cut the tank plate. I just need to fabricate the brackets and drill some holes before I can paint it. I painted the front wheel today since i should get my tires in the mail this week. I'll have to sacrifice the rear wheel off of Victoria for this build since I can't seem to find one around here for now.

Thanks for the great comments guys. I've finally went over a major hurdle today, I found a crank set! It may seem obvious, but around here an American sized crank is not that easy to find. I started this build with a bare frame that was stripped for the Hannan Rocket build(That frame is cooking as we speak), so I had to start from scratch. So now that my stress level is down, my motivation is up. :mrgreen:
Sep 13, 2007
Northeast Alabama
You might try some mild Ivory or equivilent liquid dishwashing detergent and water at first to clean them. Chemical based automotive detergents like Bleachwhite might have a negative effect on the stripes? Try a soft to medium bristle brush. The wheel and tire combination looks great! Thanks!!!
Sep 27, 2007
sac. valley
CCR said:
westleys bleech white and a brush, with tires up in the air. nice lookin shoes on that red !!!
just so you know thats more than likely a recipe for disaster if you use it with the tires on the wheels(enamel paint im assuming...........) itll etch into the paint(dont ask me how i know this :roll: )