The Amputee ( the building of a one legged Rat)

single side fork parts to be assembled

One of those door handle peices for a rocker.

Pieces and parts for the suspension.

West Coast Chopper tank, cut out for storage.

Frame tacked together.

Finished, right side with all the support.....

Left side, everything out in the open!

Angle shot of fattie rear wheel unsupported.

Finished rocker area of single sided springer.

Chain tensioner. Move the Jockey wheel for or aft in the holes to adjust tension.

Pilots view......takes a little gettin' used to. :D

Suicide Friction Brake. Pull the lever and watch the sparks fly!

Storage for the "kickstand"......

That's it, and it actually works too!!!!!

The following is the story that was submitted with photo's to a Biker Build Off. The bicycle to be built had to have a Canadian theme to it and this what I came up with. :lol: Enjoy.

The Amputee... A Tribute to the Late Great Lumberjack, Franklin Bernard Mitchell of Elk County.

Since I am in the U.S. My entry had to have a Canadian Theme to it. This build is a Tribute to a Great Canadian, rather than a "theme". I hope the judges find it worthy.

Legend has it that in the winter of 1896, Lumberjack Franklin Bernard Mitchell (FBM) lost his way in unfamiliar territory in the Manitoba Mountain Region. After several weeks in the cold, a storm came through and lightning hit nearby and gave FBM fire to keep warm. It also gave him fire to cook, although there was nothing to cook, no animals anywhere to trap...... he took a lace from his boot and tied it tightly around the upper part of left his arm to cut off circulation. After an hour, when the arm was numb, he took out his pocket knife and dismembered the arm. He then cooked his own arm over the fire!
The protein in the meat of his arm was enough to get him through another few days but with no rescue in site it was'nt long before he thought about which leg was going to go.
FBM did the same to his left leg, using the lace and knife to remove it, and the fire to cook it.

Rangers found his body near the Colonago River, 2 months after his disappearance. They say he hopped for over 15 miles from his makeshift campfire to where he was found.

This build is dedicated to FBM.

The Bikes Stats.
*single sided springer fork leg (which actually works!)
*one chain stay
*Friction brake lever for pretty sparks at night!
*Maple Syrup Pantina Paint job
*A picture of The Legend himself on the Tank
*OCC Rear wheel and tire, WCC front wheel and tire,saddle,tank and bars
*Brass goodies from a plumber friend
*grips,skull,chain,s pring etc...all leftovers under the bench
*Build time. Less time than FBM was lost!
*Total Cost, $2.00 Dollars. Like Franklin, I used what I had and found what I needed. The 2 bucks was for Rattle can Black and Clear coat.
*The frame, like the story of FBM, was completely made from scratch. LOL
Hey Hooch, insane would be building a bike that had rear steering under the seat....................oh wait, i did that last year. :oops:

My Buddy Big John posing with "Reverse Cycology" This was a "rat" bike for sure. Took awhile but it was rideable.



Dec 4, 2006
I just realized this is a double amputee. I looked earlier and did not see the rear wheel. Wild. I have seen the lefty fork on mountain bikes. As always nice build.


Mar 9, 2007
Southern Illinois
i thought someone ratted out a unicycle when i read the topic :D love the brake, does it "lean" at all goin down the road ?? looks isane tho either way !!!
very nice work..once again,

A piece of Titanium( like used on the Rear of a Tail Dragin Low Rider )
would make an awesome addition to the bottom of that Brake.

The Titanium makes very cool White Hot Sparks when it hit's
The Pavement..and they stay hot and Burning about 20 feet behind the Bike..

Very sweet build.
Titanium....I will be scroungin' the dumpster today, thanks!

Hey CCR, It rides straight but it does want to lean/pull a little to the side with no fork leg. There won't be any no handed riding on this one. :roll:


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Aug 31, 2009
Historic Savannah
Thanks to Sensor for posting this build in the BURIED TREASURE thread. I never saw this one, but I have been admiring your skills on other builds as I creep through the old posts.
The engineering and artistic design work on this one are off the charts!!!!