Talladega Thunder

Sep 13, 2007
Northeast Alabama
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Fixing to enjoy my 60th post race Sirloin steak at Talladega. I'm thankfull that no one was severely injured on the track or the stands today. Carl hit the fence about 400 feet from where I was sitting today. Only a short distance from where I was sitting when Bobby Allison hit the fence way back yonder. What was cool today, even some fans with schrapnell wounds were yelling in aprovall when Carl ran across the finish line. Thanks to Nascar for providing ample EMT support when it was needed. A great Talladega day!!! One of my long distance carriers payed for free WI-FI today and that's why you are reading this. Thanks!!!!
Sep 21, 2007
ICT, Kansas
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WOW, what a race ending. Glad nobody received life threatening injuries in the crash in the fence. Neat to see Carl Edwards get out of that wrecked car and run to the finish line and beat 3 other drivers, on the same lap, to the line.

And you have been there 60 times!!

I hope to go to Talladega someday. Im a long time race fan ( 50 years) but just a few weeks ago went to my first NASCAR race. The race in Texas, man, was that a GREAT time. Spent 4 days on the inside of turn 4. We took our rat bikes, I had my RRBBO3 bike the Rust Rat, and cruised the track inside and out. But Talladega or Daytona would be the ultimate race to attend,,,someday....