Jul 31, 2008
Newton, North Carolina
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I've had somewhere north of 100 bikes for many years now. And since the kids were born, they've sat untouched and unridden in the basement. So, it's time to find the bulk of my collection a new home. I'll be going through them all this week, and taking new pics on Saturday, and plan to post it all (in the proper For Sale category, of course) on Sunday. This will be a one time, winner take all, of at least 50 basically complete bikes, a bunch of partially complete units, plus a bunch of good frames. Many tankers, ballooners, a handful of middleweights, and a few lightweights. These bikes are on average, worth $100 each. But, in true bundling fashion, they will go for considerably less. No, I'm NOT shipping! You'll have to come here to Western NC, about 40 miles NW of Charlotte, with a big ol' trailer or U-Haul. I'm announcing it here first, and on the Cabe, and may even contact Antique Archaeology to see if they want in! Time to check those piggy banks, or get together with a few friends, and prepare for the deal of a lifetime!!!! -Adam
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