Studebaker Pedal Car

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I can't believe I haven't posted this build on here? My presence on this site ha really dropped, but I guess I hadn't noticed how much. So, I bought a ratty, junked 1959 Studebaker Lark, with the intention of using its parts to make an adult sized pedal car. Here's the car as I purchased it for $200.

I had it towed to my house, and started chopping, and forming the outside body.
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I then had to shape a hood and grill area, since it didn't have one. I used the middle section of the back and truck that I had cut out of the width. The new grill was originally the rear license plate depression.

I had to make a couple of "A" frames to hold up the body, as I made a square tube frame for it, and slid it into place.

I then used 2" angle iron to weld the frame to the body panels.
Feb 20, 2018
Germany, Leverkusen
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While definitely doable the lack of a differental might be an issue. Also the number of hub motors, I don't know if you could run 2 or 4 motors with the same controller. This could however eliminate the need for a drivetrain (if ran on throttle only). And the more motors the more batteries would be be needed - 4wd would be awesome, but it would mean 60 pounds of additional weight. It would also mean more power and torque and a higher speed which requires upgrading the brakes and tires. A midmotor on the other hand can be used with a trike rear end (with a dif) to run the rear wheels. Also putting a powerful enough motor in this thing might require some registration while pedal power is OK for the law.
I will be following this project closely. :)
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How quickly everyone goes to "put a motor in it" or "electric hubs!" This thing is impractical as can be, so the plan is to remain pedal powered. I'll resort to electric assist only if it's just too dang heavy for me to push it, which I don't think will be the case.

Anyhoo, I debated the stance for quite a while, but in the end, because of how oddly short this thing is as a "car," it looked best if slammed to the ground. So, I put the front steering assembly under it, and got it standing on its own in the front.

Then, after sitting like that in my driveway for months, I recently got the rear wheels under it, as well. It now stands on its own four feet.

Next, the hood ornament. I got this shifter knob a while ago. It was unpainted. My wife did an amazing job painting it up, and I drilled out the bottom to mount it on.
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Nah, I was just brainstorming how it could be done best, referring to horsefarmer's post. :)
I will refrain from any suggestions and just follow.
No worries, @toro1978 . It's just that I've been getting that from every angle, social media platform, in person, etc. It's human powered vehicles that I'm interested in. I'd be building human powered boats and airplanes if I had the room for it.