Spot Rocker 29er ss

Jul 28, 2009
Geneva Illinois
Rating - 100%
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I got this frame from a friend that had this 2012 never used 17.5" frame. Spot is Colorado (Golden) company and way way out of my price range ! I just had to build it up but on a budget... So so Internet / parts stash / bike swap shopping I went. Got some new take off wheels from a Canondale ss score they had rear 20 tooth cog. Found a overseas aluminum ,fork carbon bars and seatpost at a decent price and they all look awesome. Parts stash yielded a 90's Cannondale Coda CNBC n.o.s. Mtb crank..dumpster find. I machined off outer ring teeth and the whole small ring giving me a 32 t with bash guard. Stash also yielded a brand new Shimano bb that I had bought last year but width was wrong for chain for this it was perfect. Tires are Hutchenson Pythons these ride like slicks on pavement got Em on sale. Stem a Wake short from China $6 free shipping! Brakes will be Avids from Tiawan we will see how that works out. Seat is a Scott from bike swap new $5. I coated the inside of the frame with frame protecter spray. All ready except brakes and grips on slow boat from...
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