~~Smokin' in The Boyz Room~~

View build here: ~~"Smokin' In The Boyz Room"~~

After completing "Smokin' in The Boyz Room", a 1952 Monark (Deluxe? :roll: ), I am hooked for life on antique/vintage bikes. After a lot of research, I was unable to pin point the exact model of my Monark. The nearest information I could dig up was that it is possibly/probably a "Deluxe" jr. model. Oh well, I went with it. :D In my world, because I joined RatRodBikes.com, I made it my goal to build a genuine Rat Rod. In the tradition of Rat Rodders, I really tried to use what I had lying around to create the bike. From the cheap Testors paint and brushes for the artwork, to some of the wood for the tank. I didn't want pretty, shiny. I wanted "RAT", greaser style. Although, despite the name of our site, there are some gorgeous, beautiful bikes here that I would LOVVVEEE to have in my garage.

As so many other people on and off this site, I've had a bit of tough time in the recent past (although as we know, others have had extremely hard times to which my issues don't compare). Building this bike was a great mental escape for me. Great therapy. I need to get another...SOON!

I got carried away with the photos and I know we're not competing for best photo shoot :p , but let's just say I was having fun with my model.

I didn't get nearly as unique, artistic or creative as some of you. I don't have any huge mods to the bike, but I do like the results I achieved. Good luck to all of you. I know we will all enjoy our 2 wheel creations. Thanks for the support. I really like this community and feel a bond with the members. I wasn't expecting that when I joined, what a bonus! Roll long, roll smooth! :mrgreen:


With that said, what we have here is:
- A Boys 1952 Monark 24"
- "Widened" white walls
- 1940's Dietz 510 NY, Sealed Beam 6 volt fog lamp
- 6 volt sealed lead acid battery hidden in tank
- Birch and Pine custom "Tank"
- Stem courtesy of boybluela - unknown 40's/50's bike
- Seat purchased from DoubleNickel - unknown 40's/50's bike
- A 1953 California bike license plate from feepay that I couldn't pass up even though it's not the correct year :wink:
- 20" bent springer fork bought at local bike swap meet - modified
- Pinstriping, lettering, woodwork by me
- Wooden grips from Cycles US
- Pin up girl/Genuine Stolen Parts stickers from Smoopys
- ...and a couple of other touches.

In the beginning...

...then, later on...

As per a request, less tricked out shots :wink: :

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Aug 30, 2010
This is another bike that I have been following from the start. So many avesome details here, really off the hook headlight and tank, great pin-striping as well. Super ratty!
Apr 12, 2012
This is just off-the-hook cool! :D 8) :D

Totally creative and artistic across the board....most impressive!
Thank All Of You for the praise and support!!!! I know I'm not going to win but thats totally cool. I never expected to win. Just to build the kind of bike I envisioned as a "Rat Rod" and to participate/interact with all of you great craftsmen and craftswomen!

The ONE photo I really wanted that I think a lot of you would have dug, was one I didn't take. I wanted to pose my bike on a school campus, propped up in front of a Boys Bathroom (get it...Smokin' in The Boyz Room). Maybe a pack of reds rubberbanded to the handle bars. The way things are right now and me being an adult grown Man... I didn't want to attempt setting foot on a primary/elementary/grammar school campus in fear of being accused of being a predator. I did drive around (and felt funny while doing this) some schools after hours when there's no kids on campus, looking for a possible photo opportunity but all the schools around here are locked up tight when no one is on campus. Oh well, at least now you know about the one photo I would've loved to have taken.
Sep 1, 2006
Simsbury, CT
I am feeling a little guilty and of course I wish I had 4 (or more) votes, but the following glamour pic of this bike is downright AWESOME!!!! This thing screams West coast to me! I really like the "enhanced pics of this bike (and the bike too)!

yeshoney said:
I am feeling a little guilty and of course I wish I had 4 (or more) votes, but the following glamour pic of this bike is downright AWESOME!!!! This thing screams West coast to me! I really like the "enhanced pics of this bike (and the bike too)!

Anytime I hear such words, I'm floored. I really didn't think more than a couple folks would dig my build. Thank you!
NewOrleansFlyer said:
Dude, the name alone was worth props....and then you put together this totally sick ride...you my friend are talented, votes or no...

Randythe Rat said:
you got my vote its a rat bike thats real cool 8) 8) 8) 8)

Peatbog said:
EastOfEastLos said:
I wanted to pose my bike on a school campus, propped up in front of a Boys Bathroom
Hey, that would have been cool. Perhaps you could just stop in, tell them what you are up too, and they would let you do it.

Thank all of you's guy's 8) I appreciate that you all are giving my old rider props!

Peatbog, since everyone has seen the bike in it's entirety, I'll just go with the shots I have now. I think instead of puttin up all these photos, I probably would've hit a homer with just one shot like I described in your quote. Thanks brother. :wink:
Peatbog said:
I know how you feel about that photo. I was kinda bummed I didn't have a drag strip with a drag strip Christmas Tree set of lights to park my bike besides for a photo.
Too bad you're not around here. I'm about 15 minutes away from the Pomona Raceway (Auto Club Raceway), where they hold the NHRA Pomona Winter Nationals. Old, historic neat place. You could've taken some suuuper cool shots there if you could get on the track. It is open and not a soul is around there sometimes. About 16 years ago, I went there to the "Pomona Vintage Auto Swap Meet" (awesome parts, cars, motorcycle and old bikes) and they had the gate open to the drag strip. At the time, I had my (and still have it) 1989 Black Convertible Chevy IROC 350 tuned port injection/700R4 Tranny (automatic w/shift kit). I didn't see anybody so I maneuvered onto the track, stopped at the tree, revved the engine/in Drive/foot on brake. Counted in my head 1,2,3....RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.... there I goooo!!!! I was flying down the same lane same as so many legends have done for about 60 years, like John Force. I know, I only heard the crowd roar in my head but for a young guy at the time, it was pretty cool to me :p

Still have the IROC but a guy/girl ran a stop sign at night, in the rain, in a desolate part of Pomona coincidently, and smashed into me and my beloved IROC :cry: back in 2001. It sits there to this day because I can't bring myself to sell it or part it out. It's fixable, need a new front clip but I've not made the time or effort to fix it.

I said guy/girl because after they hit me, they limped off slowly to the side of the road as I was turned around a quarter turn from the impact. Then I slowly saw the white Jeep Cherokee they were driving start to slowly then more quickly begin to drive away..... my car was smashed but still running. They quickly sped off and my brother was behind me in his truck because he had just taken me to pick my car up from the mechanic... :shock: ...I know...had just spent more money on my car just to have this happen. When he saw I got hit, and saw the folks begin to take off, he drove around me, saw I was ok and took off after them. He was in chase. My car was on so I stepped on the gas and it moved. I didn't want my brother to chase this guy and get into another accident so I stepped on the gas and took off after them, the whole while rubber and fluids flying everywhere. All kinds of noise coming from my car. At the time I didn't know my right front wheel as pushed in about 1/2 a foot and the top of the wheel was pointed inward at more than a 45degree angle. Everything happened so quick. I finally caught up to my brother close enough to flash my lights and he stopped. Super dangerous. The A###### hole ran a red stop light and dissapeared into the dark, rainy night. Thankfully, we were in a desolate, uincorporated part of Pomona and no one was around. He/she would've probably taken someone else out.

I got out and looked at my car and could not believe I was able to drive it in it's condition. Smashed wind shield, crumpled hood, enging compartment caved in on the right side and right side wheel and suspension smashed in. Got a brand new truck via the insurance pay-off and they let me keep the car. Maybe (I keep saying), I'll get the old IROC vertible back on the streets again. Used to get thumbs up on it all the time.

Man I went long on that post, sorry guys. Memories caught up with me :)

Gold Street Customs said:
Love this bike!!! too bad about the photo thing ,I know how you feel, trying to find a Rhubarb field,,,,,all we have here is TALL fences and "medicinal " :lol: gardens, I just don't like gunshots :shock:
A shot of it in one of those "medicinal" gardens weed be, I mean would be pretty cool 8) .... I can dig it man.....
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