Small paint room

Jan 6, 2013
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I have about 8 coats of paint on my wifes bicycle trying to get the dust out of the auto paint, I would like to be able to do the job once and be done with it so I think I am going to set up a small paint room for future projects. I think it will be 6x8 ft on an outside wall for venting. 2 -400w overhead HPS lights input air high and exhaust low to try and get a psudo down draft effect. I am thinking about covering the inside walls with hard board that is painted glossy white to make it easy to clean. For the input air I think I would like to go with cheap box house fans with furnace filters the output side filtered then a fan. I usually paint with waterbased auto paint and clear with 2k Urethane. I am a little worried about static fires frome paint dust and Explosion proof fans and lights are not in the budget so post project cleaning is as good as I will be able to do. Anyone have a bike painting room set up? If so how did you do it?