Aug 25, 2017
The Lucky 13 has come to a end !great year great bunch of bikes a great group of guys & gals .
Ok so my plan was to build a vintage laid back cruiser slightly stretched for comfort. I wanted to use parts from no two of the same company’s or years . And put together a one off bike that could almost pass as a original.

Parts list ....
Frame -Ross fright-liner chopped & stretched . Thanks to past forum member Larg K-9.
Fork - JC Higgins from a RRB member & the clamp was from Dr .Tankenstein
Vintage pan seat -Ebay
Front fender - Elgin my stash .
Rear fender - two new school Schwinn fenders that I made into one , from my stash .

Tank - Roll Fast I believe, thanks to king Fish ,on a trip i took Savanna Georgia .
Tank Lights repop- RRB member & a tip from king Fish.
Bars - 7/8” cruiser my stash.
Torpedo Grips - Ebay
Wheels - New Wellman nexus three speed. From a past build.
Front fender light - vintage tea brewing capsule.
Monarch Rear fender light - RRB member .
Front fender ornament- forum member Zephyr .
Tires - huffy curb side score .
Chain guard Columbia repop-Ebay
Stem vintage- my stash .
Paint Ratified - by me

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Congratulations on your unofficial 3rd, really nice combo,.Definitely a fine ride, just looks right
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