Hey guys. Just in time I guess. Despite of the lack of time this year I'm glad to say my build is up and running. I didn't get to do all the things I had planned, but on the other hand, a true hotrod is never done :) I started out with a Gazelle. A Dutch ATB that I litteraly rescued from the trash at work. I love the older rigid frame MTB's because of their functional no nonsence design. I always thought I could restyle it to a next level. I got inspired by a youtube-video from Holland, which may be the very first footage of BMX racing preceding the wrongly praised Californian Joe Kid-story by at least 10 years. That, and the Little500 bikes. The general idea was a mix between a singlespeed and a cruiser. Sort of an oversized BMX with 1930-ish styling cues.

Click here for my <<<SINGLESPEED HOTROD build thread >>>

This is what I started with...

^ Early to mid-nineties Gazelle ATB pulled out of the trash...

^ I've replaced the 26" wheels with 28". The Fat Frank reartire kicks it into the 29-ers ;-) Ofcourse the reartire didn't fit the frame, so I grinded an arc in the seatstaybracket. Colors I used are: Reseda Green and Rally Black.

^ I've used a fenderbrace to mimic trussrods/springertype fork. Just to beef it up.

^ Flipped handlebars featuring double bells. (I have this thing about symmetry...) I've used old, cheap, and ugly MTB-grips and think they're a perfect fit for this bike.

^ I left the original sprocket on the bike. When I cut off the smaller sprockets I really liked the look of this one. I filled the holes with bolts and acornnuts which reminds me of the American style 5 lug wheel patern. Cheap and used, but very nice alloy aftermarket pedals.

^ I know my 'chaintensioner' is frowned upon but it does what it's supposed to do. It's just a drag to finetune the thing so once set I'll keep my paws off of it... I'm kinda proud of that little gizmo. And it sounds really nice. Maybe I use a halflink chain in the future but for now, this'll do. Besides, hotrodding has always been about doing things your own way. Not the smartest sollutions but really cool ones ;-) I converted the bike from rimbrake to coasterbrake. (Shimano Japan hub)

^ Homemade fenders. I split a regular fender in two, and widened it by attaching an aluminum ribbed strip on top with a small gap between.

^ My trademark 'vintage' sportseat. Cheap aftermarket gel seat pimped out with antiqued nails. The seat is rubber but after some time it started to look like black leather.

^ 28" Fat Frank in the rear.

^ So here you have it. From rags to riches. My Singlespeed Hotrod.

I wanted to thank everybody for following my build. I've enjoyed watching everybody elses ... Though I haven't checked for over a month. Speak about having some catching-up to do... Looking forward to it.
To all participants:

Good luck, and happy voting!
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Nov 28, 2010
Virginia Beach, VA
I love how this bike turned out! Such attention to detail. The subtleties are so well done... the split fender, front fork support, minor tire size stagger, the list goes on. It's kinda like a Pashley and a BMX'er had a love child or something. :mrgreen:

This bike will be getting some votes!
May 29, 2011
I usually don't like the looks of diamond frames or light weights, but yours looks great. It looks pre-war - WWI that is. Nice build. I enjoyed the thread, too.
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