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Jun 11, 2012
Visalia, CA
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Is there a difference between mine and the ones on most other Rails? This is my first Rail and I don't really know much about them yet.
In '68, I believe, the 48" Troxel sissy was pretty standard equipment on Rails and Dragsters. I got a 48" off a '68 and put it on my '71 because they are the nicest, and what the Huffy pad is built for. If a Rail didn't have the 48" Troxel, it had the standard Huffy sissy. If you see anything else, it was aftermarket. (to the best of my knowledge, but there are guys who know far more than I)
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Mar 9, 2011
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Yes, yours is a little more rare because it is Persons made. The manufacturers back then typically sourced the seat and the sissy bar from the same manufacturer. So CRASH is right, back in 1968 the bikes would have a 48 inch sissy bar, but if the seat was a Persons, the bar is made by Persons, Troxel seat, Troxel bar.

There are differences in the way they mount, Persons mount from the front with those clamps you have, but they basically look the same. For Huffy Rail and Wheel bikes, the seats were typically Persons made, the ones with the glitter color and silver mylar stripes. The 48 inch Persons sissy bars for them always seem to be missing from the bikes. The member Railrider on this forum paid $200 or so for one on eBay a while back, that's how rare they are to find in nice shape when you need one.

The seat on that bike is rare too! A Persons made striped seat. You have a neat bike there!
Dec 2, 2007
Fresno, Ca.
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Thanks for all the good info guys. The Rail is just loosely put together in those above photos, I had just taken it out of the shipping box. It's goinf to sit on the back burner for a while until I can get the three bikes I've entered in the MBBO finished. Anyone know how hard it is to teardown-rebuild the three-speed hub on that bike is?
The seat on that bike is rare too! A Persons made striped seat.
HAHA, I strategically shot those photos so you wouldn't see how messed up the seat is. I'll need to get it re-done before it gets ridden.
Mar 1, 2009
Dayton Ohio
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I think its around a 69 or 70 Westpoint 5 which is a rebadged AMF Avenger 5,its very dusty from being in the basement for about 5 years and I need to get it out and ride it before it gets much colder. I do have a 68 Avenger 5 buried up in the attic that also needs to get out and ridden.