Show us your J.C. Higgins Bikes

Mar 28, 2012
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RustyK said:
1947 or 48 Higgins made by Westfield. It was in the window of an antique store for 5 minutes when I spied it.

Wow. That is nice!!

Is it badged Higgins? Almost still looks Elgin'y. Must be near when Sears went from Elgin to JC Higgins.

Beautiful bike. Tank is awesome.

1918 Ranger
Oct 8, 2012
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1948 Murray made Higgins. Only the frame and chain guard are original. Fork is CWC springer and the rest of the parts are from a Schwinn. All the parts are early 1950's (far as I can tell). Many thanks to the members here who helped me with the identification.

Paint is flipflop metallic flake purple and green, looks like the original is all gone and the repaint is tired.

Picked her up like this last week, got plans to tear down and rebuild over the winter.

Rides like a charm :D :D

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This is my Higgins/Spaceliner hybrid. Has white grips now, and a 2spd kickback! :D Fork and pedals are higgins. The seat is from an El Dorado, and the rest is a Sears Spaceliner. The parts are all the same on these, so I'll call it a Higgins (rack is the same on the Flightliner, etc). Anyway, I wanted it a little lower and longer, so there's a 24" on the front with the springer. I wanted to fill the gap, so i tried a double front fender. As far as i know, it is a build first. Kinda adds to the whole 'Space' vibe, and I dig the heck out of it.

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Apr 23, 2012
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this is the member that goes by the name of chainwhipped.jeff's his frame with all my parts on it (my cwc frame is being painted)...trying to get him to keep the frame.....i think it looks pretty sweet...its a western flyer
Nov 24, 2012
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Hi All -
I'm new here, and new to bicycles as an adult hobby. I recently purchased a JC Higgins, and now I need to figure out what to do with it ! As I see it, my options are, 1) put tires on it and ride it til I retire ( a few more years ) then restore it, or 2) hang it from the ceiling in the shop and look at it every day, just 'cause I like the lines.

Either way, it's fun to have it in the barn !
Mar 19, 2012
Virginia Beach
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Welcome to RRB BlueFlame, don't hang it up, ride that Jetflow. :mrgreen: There great bikes, I try to ride mine daily, I enjoy it more than my middle weight Higgins.
May 28, 2009
San Juan,P.R.
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Hi and welcome !

That's a great bike and all there I will clean it gently to keep the great looking patina and enjoy it as much as possible it's nice to find a great survival like that one ,it has it all !