Show us your J.C. Higgins Bikes

Oct 30, 2010
Milford nh
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Just picked this one up this week,no head badge but marked jc Higgins on the brake arm.Looks like original paint but it is a plain looking bike with no white paint on the fenders just the stripe on the chainguard and the lower fender braces.If you guys know what head badge I'm looking for please show me.I think this is about a 1946-47 and has the skip tooth chain.I added the red seat for now that I had not being used.Should this bike have a tank or did some come without them ? I don't see any paint marks that look like it had one.
Apr 12, 2012
Sandpoint, ID
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rustedwrench said:
Here is my 50s(?) J.C.Higgins. . . . $10 from Goodwill. As far as I can tell nothing is missing and the only thing that is not stock is the front tire. . . but it is still time correct.

I have this same bike, mine is from 1961.