Show off your bikes with tanks

Jan 21, 2009
Zambales, Philippines
The only thing not old on this 53 Schwinn is the tank. I bought the tank from a Schwinn store about 10 years ago. Bought the horn unit from Memory lane classics over the internet, beeps fine, but I had to adjust the screw to get a lower tone. Everything else is from other old bikes. The twist grip shifter and pedals came from a 70's Montgomery ward's 3 speed. The chainguard is from an old schwinn from the old jacksonville shipyards. The crashrail seat is from a 64 Schwinn Starlet. That big sprocket with the red and green reflectors canme off a 2 dollar AMF bike frame from the thriftstore years ago. The springer is from a 59 Schwinn, and the struts are copper tubing from the plumbing store, homemade and painted silver. The wheels aren't schwinn, I couldn't find balloon tires for them, so these are standard 26 inch rims, the rear is old shimano 3 speed w coaster from the flea market, 3 bucks for a true and shiny wheel. I routed the shift cable through the tank to keep it clean and simple. The generator is ancient, but works with no rust. Still need a good headlamp. Up in ND, I spent most of the winter prepping and painting it. Now down her in Fl, it gets ridden 12 months out of the year.

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Jun 28, 2010
hey thanks brigmaster for the id of my frame, do you still have yours? if you do do you want to sell it? let me know. :D