Shelby Airflow/Arrow rack

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Nov 24, 2012
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Thanks @RustyGold .
Not sure on the tank price at this point. I still haven't worked out the headlight and bezel yet. I may go ahead and sell them without the headlight but I haven't decided if that's a good idea or not.

I will definitely offer package deals on the set of three and probably something on pairs also.

The rack and chainguard are each the same price ($297) and I'm already getting some responces on Facebook about the price being high. I understand it and it's a tough sell but most folks don't really stop to consider what it takes to produce a good quality part like this. I really wish that I could do this stuff for less. If I could, there would be lots of cool parts that I would offer! I've tried to focus on parts that are rare and just rediculously out of reach for originals. An original rack like this in nice condition is easily double or more of my price!

Here's an explanation that I told to someone online:

"Hi, I'm glad that you commented on the price, it gives me the opportunity to explain.
Before any parts were every made, it has taken months to tool up for making them. Sparing the details, it involves meticulous preparation to create a mold, create accurate jigs, make specific bending tools for the metal mounting hardware, etc. Then there is sheet metal fabrication for accurately reproducing the hardware followed by cleaning and painting with etching primer. After the countless hours of preparation, it's time to make parts.

I pay to have the fiberglass done professionally by a shop that produces high end reproduction automotive parts for sports cars such as Cobras and Corvettes. Every individual piece is hand laid using industrial grade materials. When I pickup the parts, they are still in the mold. At that point the part must be removed from the mold, the flash must be trimmed and sanded around the edges and then the mold is cleaned, waxed and prepared to be returned for the next one.

At this point I can finally start putting together the finished product. This involves accurately slotting the fiberglass for the seat post brackets, hand fitting all of the mounting hardware using a jig to insure that it will properly fit the mounting points on the bike and then glass them in place. After trimming and sanding again, it is finally ready to add the period correct square washers and slotted machine screws and then box it up, drive to shipper and stand in a social distanced line to ship it to the buyer.

The photos in the ad above show the finished part raw and unpainted. I believe the quality speaks for itself. In conclusion, even though the price may seem high, hour for hour I could probably make more money flipping burgers. So why do I do it? Like many others in this hobby I have a passion for these vintage bikes. Some bikes like the Shelby Airflow or Elgin Blue Bird are so iconic and rare that finding parts and then being able to afford them put them out of reach for most casual vintage bike enthusiasts. Considering that our price is still far less than a nice original my hope is that others will see the value and will support the effort that it takes to bring a quality option to a such a niche market. -Jim


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Jul 2, 2015
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Pricing is tough, for sure. This bike has been on CL locally for months, and it has a fiberglass tank. Like I said, a swapmeet a few years back, I was on the periphery of a discussion that included a few major cabe members, and they were talking about a previous run of fiberglass tanks, and they were saying that they were running $1200-$1600 years ago. That's out of my range... I'm hoping yours will be in my range as I have a Y-frame Shelby I wouldn't mind dressing up :cool:.

Jul 16, 2019
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I admit that I twitched when I saw the price, but that's me. I am aware of the painstaking labour that goes into them, I've followed your process. It's higher level stuff, and I challenge anyone to find a comparable part at any price.
I don't understand the dichotomy of thinking, where people want hand crafted products to be made here in the continent, but want to pay mass production prices for it. My wife is an artist, and the way people devalue her time is frustrating. Often, it seems that the people with the most to say about the price are the least likely to be actual purchasers of art.
Aug 20, 2020
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TRM You are a craftsman. I really love the conver-a-tank. What a great looking product and awesome idea.
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