Sears middleweight

Aug 17, 2019
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Cool. -spiffy in a jiffy.

remove fenders, upgrade tires, lube n tune:

It had some pretty loose spokes that needed some help.

The headset is still loose and needs lubed and tightened. I also need to adjust the seat..... but for an hour or so of wrenching.... dang! Pretty close!!!

-I hope to take this guy on our first vintage ride of the season next Wednesday.

i have to cobble a chain together, but all things considered, looks darn near ready for a 7 mile cruise!!!

Jan 21, 2009
Zambales, Philippines
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The front lens cover has some small screws holding it on. It's probably made of plastic so it's fragile.
Then the tank folds open from the front, it has a hinge in the rear. It may have screws holding it together. You may have to apply some liquid wrench or penetrating oil to the screws. There may be batteries in there, maybe corroded but might be from when the bike was new. D cells back then had a date code on them.