Scratch build : "Experiment 001"

Feb 26, 2017
Hey everyone, here's my entry for this winters build off. I've already started building but forgot to create the thread sorry :/

My goal here is just to ry out new techniques and new styles I haven't already messed with. I apologize in advance as the bike will surely not be finished by the end date because I have to balance school and personal projects.
It all begun late december when I got the first parts : A set of 26" rims, 80 and 100mm. I started the build at the beginning of january.

I then did a basic skecth of what I wanted the bike to look like.

Before building I knew I wanted to paint something inside the barrel.

Rear rim primed

I then made a stencil and srayed on the logo

At least it was time to build the wheels.

I bought an old felt fork from a friend that's gonna get shortened.

I made a lifesize model on the only piece of cardboard I had that was big enough.

My friends got me a tube kinker for my birthday. My dad doesn't want it to stay in the garage so I keep it in the shed most of the time.

Making the first bends, wich I ...... up a lot.

First weld

Frame taking shape. had a lot of trouble getting good cuts with my .... angle grinder

Frame tacked up and almost true. I kept this buimd personnal by using my bmx I had in middle school as a parts donor. Here we habe the bb and headtube in place.

I messed up the mesurments for the rear triangle and I didn't wand to drill through my awful welds so I ended up lowering the rear triangle to an almond shape.
First initial bend

Cut and welded almond

Both almonds completed

Further cutting up my BMX to get the rear dropouts. I felt awful cutting up my old bike but that's the way it goes I guess.

Frame assembled

It was now time for some rattlecan primer and test build. I will choose paint later on, also grind down all the excess metal in some areas. I also need to order a new chainring and get bearings for the whole bike. I cut up the forks and added the brooks saddle I had laying around. The tires are 26x3 and 2.35 strectched up on the rims.

I drilled the frame for internal routing and started removing the paint on the side of the rim. I respaced the nexus hub for the 100mm rim to clear.

Missing the grips and saddle at the moment.

SNOW!!! It hasn't snowed here for at least 5 years!

There you have the log for the past two months. What's happening next? Missing parts mostly. I will strip down the frame, correct all of the mistakes I've made, smoothout all the welds, prep and paint when money comes by.

Thank you for reading, watch for updates, will post them in this thread!
Feb 26, 2017
Hey everybody, this is just a message to say I have to give up this build off. I need some time off for personal reasons and will not have time/faith to finish the bike. I'll probably come back to it at some point but for right now I'm leaving it like this. I want to says sorry to all of you who took interest in this bike. I'll leave the thread up for now. Thank you for reading and good luck to all the builders.