Scored Rollfast, Western Flyer, and Murray today!

Mar 23, 2009
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I made an offer for the Rollfast a few weeks ago and I got the call yesterday that would accept the offer. When I got there, they had a few more bikes, and gave me a great deal on all of them. My youngest immediately claimed the little 20” Apple Kart convertible, and the Western Flyer has already became a parts bike. ;)
The Rollfast is a bike that checks two boxes for me. I’ve never had a Rollfast bike and I’ve always wanted a green bike. I know these aren’t really sought after, but I really like the look of the bike. The frame reminds me of a 40’s Shelby. The color is great and I like the double striped fenders. I initially thought this was a middleweight bike the first saw the picture of it. It was in a dimly lit building and the tires were flat. It has some wide fenders (I especially like the extra long front fender) and some wide rims with old 26 X 2.125’s. I know they made these in tankers, so I’m on the lookout for a tank for it.
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Jul 31, 2008
Newton, North Carolina
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Nice cleanup! That must have been their paperboy model, as the frame is different from their cantilever twin tube frame of the era. That chain guard was introduced in '63. -Adam
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