Rusty & Krusty

Aug 3, 2013
Every year since 2013 I've watched the build-offs, this was my first year and I had a great time.
On this build, I wanted it to be ratty, so I tried to use all older bike parts. The rear tire and grips are the only new parts used...





Parts used:
1. 1938 Wards-Hawthorne Twin Bar Frame,
2. Front fork is of an old Southern Flyer that I raked forward to bring down the front end of the bike,
3. New Departure hubs front and rear, model D in back and model W in front. Laced to drop center rims,
4. Dog Leg cranks with Hawthorne sprocket,
5. Inch pitch chain,
6. Front tire is Ward Riverside Mate 26 x 2.125. Original to the bike,
7. Rear tire is a new Jerald 26 x 2.125 Slick,
8. Fenders, used a rear fender on the front and front fender on the rear from the seat-stays on back and another fender from the seat-stays down through the chain-stays,
9. Don't know what the chainguard is from. I moved the mount from the front to the top to make it work,
10. Tank is from a girl's Ross bike flipped upside-down to fit. Added reflectors to holes in front,
11. Rear rack is from a JC Higgins bike. Moved the mount from front to top of rack to make it lower. Added reflector to back,
12. Stem was on the bike when I got it,
13. Handle bars from a Western Flyer flipped upside down.,
14. Seat is a Person's Motorbike saddle,
15. Pedals off of another Western Flyer,
16. Front truss rod I made out of 1-inch flat stock with speed holes drilled in,
17. Front and rear fender braces made out of 3/4 inch flat stock with more speed holes that extend past fenders for a more streamlined look,
18. Front light is a cab light off of an old truck with an LED bulb inside of it,
19. New Departure bell,
20. Rollfast Speedo with cable running through tank down to front wheel,
21. Delta rear taillight,
22. Walsco bike lock added,

I drilled 113 holes in total for all the speed-holes and mounting points.
Paint was applied by me 30+ years ago while the fork, chain guard, rack, front light and front half of the rear fender were newly painted. Then it was all roughed up and rusted to fit the name: Rust & Krusty!


Thanks for looking!
Mar 26, 2012
Maplewood, MN
Awesome job on your first build off bike! You put a lot of work into this, and documented it well. Being a part of the 'give and take' , sharing your process, processing ideas from other builders, is what it's all about. You've definitely got the 'knack' for building rat rod bikes! Hope to see you again in future build offs.

I really appreciate your Rat-ina work on the paint, the use of the old girl's bike tank, size differential in the tires, like SD said ^, making all those old parts work with your build. :thumbsup:


Aug 31, 2009
Historic Savannah
This just oozes ratty custom!!! One of my favorite frames around.
Stance is hot!!! Speedhole braces are killer!
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Nov 22, 2011
Well done in true spirit of rat bikes! I like the understated subtle touches that set this one apart from some others. Nicely done.
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