RRBBO - Road Disaster

Sep 1, 2006
Simsbury, CT
Deadlines, Deadlines,...

OK, I am back in the game here. Unfourtunately I have not been able to procure a girls/ladies springer fork, so I am gonna go with a standard, period correct fork. It won't have the look I want, but I will change it out when I come across what I am looking for. I got my Nexus Inter 7 part and it has been installed and so has the wheel. I have a few suprises I am working that I will reveal when the bike is done. But since I don't have the fork installed (paint is drying) I can't get pics even if I wanted to. I am still in need of a seat tube that acts like a goose neck. If anyone has one of these I need it. Dumpster Diver promised me twice to get me pics, but I know he is busy and was having computer probs or something. Got a couple of new parts to show, but will list them in the collector section. All 4 now! Check back for pics. 60 degrees by Wednesday, ,YEAh!
Sep 1, 2006
Simsbury, CT
A few pics... But not quite done..

Still have the brakes to deal with, but that is the least of my worries. It seams everything else works good. I have a skull shift knob coming, but until then I used half a Raleigh Chopper 3+2 knob. I had to duplicate the shifter handle geometry so that the Nexus would still go forward and backward. I am not sure about the handlebars yet. THey are different, but not traditional. Well enjoy the pics!

Oct 14, 2006
Holly, Michigan,U.S.A.
Hey my wife's got a pair of them bars for the 3 wheeler she's building! Them some big ol' honking bars aren't they. Nothing shows detail better than B&Ws, good choice! Bike turned out real nice. I could look at them pics all day but let's see the colors too.
Way to Go,


Dec 4, 2006
The lines on that bike with the chaingaurd are beautifull. Curves in all the right places. The black and white pics make it look great.
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