RRBBO - Katrina

well im starting to lean towards im not gonna get this all done in time, but im gonna keep posting progress anyway. either way ill have a cool bike, and i started late in the game anyway. the stripping is taking a bit because of the cold here. the stripper i have seems to work best on warm days...ill keep on it though!

heres the frame with bubbly paint!

heres me disgruntled at the wheel bearings

heres the bars with primer
some updates. i doubt ill make the deadline, but im trying.

here's the bike kinda thrown together mocked up before paint.

here's a piece of metal where the license plate will go (thanks for the ideas guys)

here's the grey primer, and ultra flat black/green i found.

bars are done for now (black), fork is primed. im working on the frame in the morning.


Dec 4, 2006
bass, Paint, paint and more paint. You are not too far away from finishing. Good use of the chainguard bracket for a mount.