RRBBO - 60's Western Flyer

Feb 24, 2007
Rockville, MD
You're friggin' killin' it!!!

As if the bike wasn't enough, your pics at the Texaco station are incredible. ...Reflection off the puddle, vintage Texaco, red/white... I'm at a loss for compliments.
Kev, Nice bike man i could have NEVER guessed that was your first custom build, You did a beautiful job on this bike.. I had my doubts in the beginning but wholey smokes man! You deffinantly changed my mind, Beautiful bike Kevin. You got MADSKILLZ!

Your friend, The-Ricksterr.
Sep 3, 2006
Is there an emoticon for a standing ovation? Great job on the build & Nashira's photo's are the icing on the cake. It's great to finally see the whole bike in one picture!

Mar 28, 2007
Slow lane
Hi kev! Your BO piks r like a very good how 2.Your craftsmanship is 1 of a kind, n you sure put passion in what u do.Thing i like the most other than the Offenhauser ''valve covers'' is the diamond knob shifter,totally stylish.I know i told u already in my thread how much i liked your bike but i thought i'd do it on yours as well.
Thumbz up!
Thanks again bonez..
and everyone else.

The build was fun and I would like to take this chance to
Thanks the Forum for including me.

The Crowd for the great comments

A few members for the Tec Talk in Private Messages along the way.

I had Fun..I learned a lot on my Bike,
and watching everyone else build theirs

Kev you really pulled that one off that bike is brilliant, I wish things like that came from my kitchen, food gets a bit boring after a while. Love it!!!!

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