RRBBO - 60's Western Flyer

Here we go.

Name: Kevin
AKA : Clothespin "N"

Entry : 60's Western Flyer
This photo was taken a few months ago but I will post a Pic of
me...and the bike when I begin the build.

I look forward to seeing some of the AWESOME
work from other builders.

well..the weekend is over,
the kids are bath'd and watchin SpongeBob
and I'm in the Shop "Kitchen" trying out Saddle options..
it took a while to get the stock post out!
I am shortening the post as the center tube is a bit rusty deep down to get it as LOW as I want it.
I built a Shifter Knob last year for my 1960 Ford wagon..
and yesterday I was thinking..hey,why not
a set of Grips for the bike made the
same way.
I picked up a pile of WW2 clips and Empty
( blanks ) bullets 7mm.The Center is a 50 cal
bullet.Great shifter for the Wagon
..why not grips for the bike.

The Wagon...

flip the bars..

and tonights build on the bench ( Kitchen table ) :lol:

I cut the 50 cal with a pipe cutter so it fits inside the handlebars...

conect the last bullet in the clip and it fit's
snug around the bars.
I may wrap the bar where it mounts
with some header tape so it fits REAL TIGHT!

and on the bars it goes...

.........grips...that'll prolly stick through your abdomen
if you bail..but hey..that's Ratin!

I might choose a shorter neck if the bars
will clear the top tube when I'm stearing..

well...I know one person for sure,if not a few more...
will know the direction I am going with this build.

here's a Clue.......75 th Anniversary

on that note,here's a pic of the Tail light I am going to Run.
I am mounting it on the Rear drop out...and again a few may
recognise the light. :lol:

and The Headbadge for the build is this...I bought the Plastic
one with the self-adhesive for reasons you will see...it's flat!
and a head tube is not! so what's a guy to do?


I took a Glass Cough medicine bottle...washed the
Label off leaving the sticky Gooo from the label so the
Emblem would stick a bit....fired it in the oven for 10
minutes and watched it slowly sag around the bottle!

Remove and serve with a green Salad and mashed Potatoes
" you know, POTATOES! " ( Lord of the Rings joke :D )

Trim a bit of the Goo from the back and you have a Headbadge
that curves nicely around the Headtube!

Until next time,

I just showed the entire World how Dirty my Oven is....
well..I think I share this emotion with others..
I am at a mental block with a few things.I think I've figured out what I'm going to do with the wheel/tire Combo.As well as the Nexus Coaster 3 speed..If I can use the old Shifter I robbed from a 1970's Appalo 5 speed.

as well,I have a chain ring that I took from the bike I gave to Metty..it's BLANK,so it will make an awesome pallette for some cool art work.

The Chainring on the Western Flyer has about a half an inch clearance to the rear stays..so I hope this ring works..same amount of teeth so it should...SHOULD! :shock:

so my intentions are to build it all and make sure it's going to work...then break it down,sand it...and finish it in a deep Red Primer...with details.

The Fenders....are going to be Pin Stripes( THEY will be pinstripes )
I am going to cut / dremel out the shape of pin stripes and stripe inside after.here's a layout I am thinking about doing..I may change some lines but the jist is I am going to have the fender BE the pinstripe!

the area that I have the tape on the fender will be left...the rest will fall away when I cut it out....more sharp stuff to stick in me when I whipe out!
:shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

The bike will have a tank....once I build it!

well,I'm almost finished collecting up all the goodies I need for the build...
I hope my shifter set up works out.I do know I will have to be very carefull with my indexcing with the shifter being a friction lever.

it tightens down enough that it shouldn't skip outa gear.....
I spent an hour with the owner of my LBS asking questions and finding out about parts I didn't know existed( which put my mind at ease )for the shifting set up.......

as well Karfer answered a few questions I had...thanks for that Karfer, your a good Man!

I paid a visit to another LBS and bought a doner bike from their basement.
it has the wheels/Nexus Coaster 3 speed I need.It was DIRT CHEAP.
The sum of the parts is ALWAYS more than the whole.And I saved another
chunk of metal from the scrap pile!

here's the Del Sol donor bike..the wheels are my main parts of use.

and my skins...I was happy to find these,I have always loved the tread pattern on the Bontragars......

so,the Rims will be RED with the WWW tires....

well...lets just say I'm glad I' doing a Kitchen Reno in the Summer..
I still have a foot of Snow in my yard and...ahhh..my Kitchen
looks bad at times,but's it's never been a Bike Shop..
Oh well...now I have a reason to Replace the Linolium after
driving the Chain Ring into the floor taking the retainer nut off! :shock: :shock: anyway..here's the shop..kitchen,
I'm mocking up the tank and working on the Bottom Bracket..

what the heck..the kids are in Bed and the Lunche's are made so
what else am I going to use the kitchen for! :lol: :lol: :lol:

well my Rat ... friends...I am very Happy...This is the
FIRST time I have played with any shifting/gear modifications.
And it WORKS!!!! I took it for a test ride and it shifts like a dream.
The Indexing is great,the set up is great and
the Bobbed/short cable look is great! I can't say
enough about how easy the Nexus set
up is to work with!
and you can change the angle of the Gear
cassette so the cable go's up..or down...
or any direction you want,so I was able to
Run the Cable Up without any major
cable slack/bend! SCHWEEEET!

New farrels,Rigid Cable housing,and a new
cable and it was soooo
easy to install! I can also adjust the
friction / tightness of the Shifter handle on
the side so it doesn't skip outa gear!

Blaa...Blaaa...Blaaa...here it is!

oh yaa...I am going to get my Girl to
Video me Riding my project in
full "Mocked up" stage...and then I will save
the Finished pictures for last...

Mock up stage in the Shop...aka..Kitchen

I also got my Chain Ring on....I am happy that fit too!

and the finished look of the Shifter set up is this...
..I might Paint the Cable the same color as the bike to make it dissapear.....

Nov 30, 2006
sacramento, ca
you better slow down the way your going your going to be first one done. then your mind will race and you will start changing things lol i have done this before it drives you nuts. every year i build a new bike for the turkyey day ride in sac and last year i built three before i was happy with one of them lol. and no worries i like to help in anyway i can glad the shifter worked out for you.
Preped..Primed and put 2 Finish Coats on the Rims..
The Old Fasioned Way...I didn't have any Straws to mask the spokes so I taped em all out.. :shock:
I Did em in my Carport and brought em in to dry..It's still VERY cold here!

The Sun broke today....yaa hoooo!