RRBBO--1950 Schwinn-Built BF Goodrich

This is why you should grease the seat tube! I killed my 1/2" drill trying to dill this out...don't feel too bad...the drill was old. I have a new drill, and it worked SO good with a 3/4" bit.

First mock-up...no bottom bracket (unless you count the rag!)...same rear tire (it's getting changed)...fork might still go...

Choppin' 2-3 inches (5.08-7.62cm for you non-American readers!) off the bars...I like the drop on that neck.

More to come (I work under pressure...comin' down to the wire!)
The wheels are horrid! I had the tires inflated (for about 5 min...)...it was like riding a clown-bike (tires were/are also shot).

It'll stay the same color for a while, but eventually I'll paint it (Ultra Flat Black w/chrome accents).
I wish I could keep the sprocket, but the chain is toast (very, very old, hard toast). When I took the bottom bracket (and chainring) off, the chain kept its shape (not a good sign)...I'm trying oxalic acid, but that old skip-tooth might be dead :(


Dec 4, 2006
This bike should be smooth rollin. Those forks are great.

Nice work on rebuilding the wheels-front and rear. That is the skill I hope to tackle in the near future.
put a for in me...

...i'm done!

no way to get the bike done by the deadline!

I'm going to finish it for the Grand Opening of my shop, but not for the RRBBO...I'll still post a 'finished project' photo...I just have too much on my plate to get the bike done.

I started on the rear wheel...it's going to take more than this weekend...I need several new spokes, and if i'm goind to do it, i'm doing it right...double-butted stainless like the front...

I could have cheated...put the bike together in an unridable condition & submitted the photos, but I have my integrity to think about!

Hey! there's always next year! anybody have dibs on next years trophy yet???
sorry to hear your strapped for time on this one...
Winter didn't help much either I'm sure! :roll: :roll:

I looked forward to seeing it finished..
but, as you said...it will be done.

Regards on a smooth Grand Opening of The Shop,
I look forward to seeing the Progress / Finish Pic's
of the build when time allows

.....it's a killer looking Bike!! :!:

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