Ross Rat "Downtown"


Rollin' on 20's
Jul 22, 2007
New London, CT
The Ross Rat is finished. I hope you all enjoyed the build as much as I did.

My wife and I took it out today for final pictures. Our waterfront park was gorgeous, the weather was sunny and brisk but not too cold, and the water was dead calm.

The buildup breakdown:

1975 Ross "Deluxe" girls 20" bike, red metallic.
FREE: Saved from a scrap pile by someone I work with

Rims: Komet hub coasterbrake, 20" metallic red,
Bought on Ebay, $15 last year (I was planning to put them on this bike)

Tires: Trelleborg 20x1.75" whitewalls, vintage
Bought in a large parts lot 2 yrs ago, $2 each

Fenders: Saved from my first bike, a 20" boys Ross, in storage since 1980

Tank: Stolen from Columbia Scamp convertible bike
Bought at a yard sale for $15 (anyone want the bike? It's pretty cool!)

Frame extension: Cut from junkpile Ascot 10-spd girls bike, $0

Front fork bars: Cut from Columbia and Western Flyer forks, junkpile, $0

Headlight and bracket: Part of a very large parts lot I bought this summer
Lets say it was worth $5, it looks cool but doesn't work

Speedo: Same parts lot, call it $5

Bars: Wald cruiser, inverted, from old parts pile, worth maybe $5

Grips: Flex-Grip, ancient small size grips, parts lot, $2?

Levers: Schwinn Weinmann gold dots, worth about $8

Stem: Schwinn 1969 Collegiate aluminum stem, worth maybe $10

Sprocket: Original to bike, plus one more from an identical free Ross girls.

Crank: Original to bike

Seat: Cool leather middleweight style, parts lot, worth maybe $10

Seat post and tube: Cut from junkpile BMX bike found literally 2 houses up the street.

Paint: Dupli-color DA1603 semi-gloss black

Pedals: Junk '60s pedals, with VW Beetle cylinders welded to them for danger and intrigue

Chain: Cruiser chain from parts bin, $5?

Enjoy the pics folks!


May the best bike win!

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