Ross Barracuda "TFD-GT"

Re: Ross Barracuda "TFD-GT"-ALLMOST DONE!

Well, im basically done

I dont think i like my final colors now though

it needs less chrome
no time to paint some wheels black...allthough
i got some...not the best looking, but they will do for now
ill do some Expirimenting

now i do too...something changed my mind...i dont know what

I cant put it together 100% on a school night

im gonna wake up early and put some more together
dans bringing the sissybar to school, so i can put it on and upload finished pictures RIGHT when im done

i hope thats ok
Nov 18, 2007
TheFlyingDingo said:

i was doing the last thing-putting the tires on
when i was taking them off the old wheels...i ripped my fingers open!!

as soon as this stops bleeding, im done
edit-with the bike
Come on! If you ripped open 2 fingers, ......ya still got 8!........Suck it up!........Finish.