Rollfast Deluxe Ladys: Info Needed

Oct 6, 2016
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Hello everybody!
First of all forgive me my English - it's not my native language.
Just got old Rollfast for my girlfriend. I think it's 1957 Rollfast Deluxe (BB stamp is 75SN). Previous owner bought it years ago from eBay, and last 10 years bike was collecting dust waiting for restoration. I've found some images on the internet (photos 1 and 2) - mine(photo 3) is mostly complete - thats great, but have different seat and the chainguard is shorter, than must be according to photos. Tank has no horn in it. Decals says "Deluxe" and graphics on tank and chain guard are same as at pictures. Wheels are looking same as at photos - they have new departure hubs and back line pin striping on rims.
The problem is here - I applied classic 26x2.125 tires (use it on my other bikes) to wheels that the previous owner give me with bike - but they're too wide for the frame - rear seats mostly ok, but front wheel is stuck in fork when pumped. So I need help with correct tire size for this bike. Any other info is appreciated.
Same frame, but mine got other tank color and no white front tube.

Looks same as mine (found on Internet)

Mine is:
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