Rodeo Bike

Apr 24, 2007
Please watch the intro video. Still pictures just don't do this bike justice. It's performance art. Style in motion.

Long video version (15 minutes in length). The first 2:30 is the same as the intro. Then a bunch of short clips added on.

build thread is here with more pictures:

Close up of Rear Wheel spoking pattern - aka Crows Foot - every 3rd spoke is radial with the two adjacent spokes crossing the radial. Then each triad is inverted to prevent spoke overlap at the hub.

Close up of Rear Wheel installed.

Arron Ross Grips by Odyssey - cool. Whip Spin Hop

Nice Western look saddle.

Crack in the plastic cover doesn't affect the strength.

Stock handle bars from a box mart bmx bike.

Wheels "down". Check that pedal to ground clearance. The pedals just brush the pavement at times.

Wheels "up"

Both Wheels "Back" - watch those toes. The knobby tires like to grab on to big feet.

Front Wheel Forward - Rear Wheel Back - Longest looking wheel base view.

Front Wheel down - Rear Wheel up - Maximum downward tilt.


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Jul 1, 2010
Roanoke Rapids, NC
I've been waiting for this one!!!!!

The bike is mesmerizing to watch in the video, it plays and optical illusion and makes it look like the frame is made of rubber. I wanna ride that SOOOO bad!
Apr 24, 2007
Yes, both bikes will be there for test rides.

sept 3 & 4, 2011. 3rd street se, cedar rapids, near 10th ave.

see you there.