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Feb 4, 2017
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On my way to the bus stop the other day, I saw these wheels in one of my neighbors recycle bin. I had just enough time to grab them, ride back home, and throw them in my yard before racing back to the bus.
On my way back to the bus, I noticed a pair of 26" white mountain bike/knobby tires sitting on top of one of his garbage cans. They looked like they were almost new, but I didn't have time to stop.

Bummed me out they would have been cool on my low budget 26" BMX build that I'm working on.

Anyways, the wheelset is nothing special, and the rims are obviously bent all to heck, but the no name alum hubs feel smooth, so their usable, plus 72 decent spokes and nipples to throw in parts bin. And two 26" rim strips that I can use immediately on my 57 Evans 3 speed build..

Again, nothing fancy, but some useful spare parts for free. I love another man's garbage, lol
Apr 1, 2014
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Like they say, "reduce, reuse & recycle". You reduced the landfill stream and have fine parts to use that don't have to be built again and shipped from mfg to your door! Now just throw the bent hoops in your aluminum scrap pile and your done! :113:
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