RaTornado... Tank fab!

I felt that Dark Horse 2 was too mellow to justify an entry into the "anything goes" build off so I am taking a BOLD move and pulling my FINISHED BIKE out of the build off less than one month before the deadline and using my frame swap option! My new build I just bought June 26th so I am within the deadlines. Here goes nothing, It's a race to the finish!

Ok so starting point

Added ape hangers

Test spot to see how much to remove, it had more than one re-spray over the years, it was originally red, then a coat of grey primer, then a burgundy red, then white, then blue.

getting it down to the grey

Oven cleaner knocks it down quick

Down to the grey

Painted the fenders black, re-assembled with a red seat and chain guard, cleared everything

Re-painted the badge

Built new wheels

Better look at the rear

Good close up

On the bike

This tire fills the fender nicely.

And that's how it sits right now. More to come later.
Jan 23, 2011
Re: RaTornado

Re: RaTornado

Thanks Jake! I just got in from building but sunlight is fading quick so I'm gonna call it a night with this:

A nice touch donated from Dark Horse II. The red in the center matches the bike perfect!

Old light I had laying around Might find a different spot to mount it though.

Added this rusty old rack

Another angle

Stand back and admire the whole picture
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LukeTheJoker said:
Awesome start and already a big fan!
I wonder if it would be possible to raise the front of the rack a bit though, level it out more? Would improve the flow of the bike maybe?
Just a suggestion, awesome bike either way.

Funny you mention that, it's actually not attached to anything it's just tucked under the seat clamp and bolted at the wheel bolts. I still need to make a mount for the front. I was actually thinking of lowering the rear of the rack and make it follow the twin bars back.
Jul 1, 2013
Re: RaTornado

This is exactly what i want to do with my bike. What size are the fenders? I'm looking to get a set, but not sure if i should get one size versus another.
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fineexampl said:
This is exactly what i want to do with my bike. What size are the fenders? I'm looking to get a set, but not sure if i should get one size versus another.
I have no idea, They are just some WALD middle weight fenders that came with it, I did have to hammer and dolly them out a bit to fit the larger tire and re-work the braces a little. Just part of the headache behind the scenes.
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Progress update: I got the rack adjusted where I want it today, I went ahead and chopped the struts off that went to the axle mount, they were rusted solid and really not needed since the rack is never going to be used. (The rack is paper thin from rust so it is strictly for looks) and I made a hidden mount that bolts to the fender and used a reflector mount to bolt the front to the fender bolt.

lines up nice

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Vintagebikelover24 said:
That paint job is sick! Really nice build
Thanks, Just took a pocket knife to get the majority of the paint off down to the grey primer over the original paint, from there oven cleaner left on for a half hour, copper wool scrub while washing, and a copper wire brush for the tight spots, a good final wash with Dawn dish soap to remove any oils and residue, and 3 coats of Rustolium gloss clear.
Re: RaTornado......Rack fitted

Just to let everyone know, If I win first place and get the 57mm wide wheels they will be used to replace the current wheels on this bike (after I tear them down and paint the hoops in black tinted chrome) So use your imagination and picture what they'd look like on here (with some fat whitewalls) because I'm too broke to buy a pair right now. :lol: :mrgreen: