Rat Trap

Howdy everyone,
My bike is called Rat Trap and she is an early to mid 70's Huffy. I think. My inspiration for this bike was the gassers and dragsters of the 50's and 60's. I've always been in love with those cars, so I figured I'd try to do a bike version of them.

The wheels are magnesium Webco mags from the 70's. I've always loved how they look just like Halibrand magnesium dragster wheels.

Any vintage drag car has to have a Moon fuel tank, right? And a military surplus parachute in a nomex 'chute bag.

The gassers were famous for their wheelstanding antics and
evil handling short wheelbases. This bike has both bases covered.

This build was a lot of fun for my sons and I, and I'm so glad we decided to enter it. In looking over the other bikes on this site it's apparent there is a ton of creativity and talent out there. You guys and gals have built some really cool bikes, and you've opened my eyes to all kinds of new ideas.
Thank you all- Pete
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