Raleigh English Racer

Mar 7, 2013
Tucson, AZ
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We used to call these bikes "English Racers" back in the '50s and '60s. I don't see that term used much these days. I've missed out on several great Craigslist deals this summer. I swear someone in Tucson is sitting at his computer 24/7, just waiting for my kind of bike with my kind of price to show up, snatching it up before I even know about it. Today I found a listing that showed that it went up within the last hour, so I called immediately, and had to leave a message. Several angst-ridden hours later, I got the unexpected callback. A half hour later, my $39 Raleigh became mine. It's 100% original, as far as I can tell, and it even has a Brooks saddle (vinyl.) It's not the type I usually buy, but somehow I found it irresistable today. Judging by the reflectors, I'm guessing it's a 1980s survivor.

My plans for it are simple: clean, tune, ride.



It's a larger frame, perfect for this Frame's 6'2" frame.
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Nov 18, 2010
Jersey Shore
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Cool add to the fleet. Back in the 50s' I rode one too. We called them English Racers. Today would be Distinguished Gentleman's Ride . Doubt that you would find any Tweed Rides in the New Abnormal ! If there is a date stamped on the rear hub shell, it could also date the bike.