rachaels stingray

Jan 13, 2007
northern calif
Duke....sensor....your right she is giving me a run for my money, she always does ocasionaly she gives me a run for the parts pile :lol:
here's a few more parts for her to clean up

anyone have a good 20" speedo drive and cable all I have is a 27"
a union gen. light set and a deraileur from my suburban parts bike

get to polishing Ray....after practice
Sep 19, 2007
GREAT JOB young lady! Your making the 'boys' look bad!! (that includes me) I love seeing kids work on bikes. you will no doubt have the coolest bike on the block. I also like seeing a vintage stingray preserved, as I had a few of them when I was your age. Dad must be proud. What kind of paint is that blue? Man I love that bike!
Jan 13, 2007
northern calif
I finally got the pics from yesterday loaded , this girl blows me away with her drive to finnish the bike , she worked on it till it was to dark
to see and took the shake down ride.....Good job Ray !
front end and bars going together

rear wheel and deraileur

a rolling chassis

end of the day a rideable bike

for those wanting to know the paint is Krylon X Metals anodize spray 2301 Blue over the Converter base looks cool but this stuff scratches
really easy so we are going to try a urethane clear over it ...see if it toughens up a little.
Somehow she talked me out of the seat and sissy off the Scrambler.....Spoiled ???? :lol: :lol:
Jan 13, 2007
northern calif
a little more of Rays proggress , she has a full plate this week with school projects and little league so she pretty much finnished the bike
'cept for some squealing brakes and a worn rear cluster it is a rider... we rode about 5 miles yesterday around town.

front deraileur

some accesories going on

you want a riding pic...this is a steep down hill she's on the brakes hard...screeeeech

the ugly side with the river as a back drop

your doing "Great" Ray.. just a few things left :D
Feb 25, 2008
Thank You for all the nice comments,dad got me a new rear cluster and a chrome spoke protector
the back wheel after the new parts

no more chain jumping now it rides great