PHAT Limo 7 tandem picked off C.L.

Jun 6, 2012
Huntington Beach CA
Rating - 100%
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My wife has been bugging me for a year to get a tandem. I wanted a cool beach cruiser tandem which leaves you with a very short list (from what I know ). The added bonus, when I got home my 7 year old daughter hopped on the back and I put my 3 year old boy in the trailer way behind and we were just tickled all the way to trader joes and back. She couldn't get enough of it. I think I need a three person bike so my wife will fit also. Just kidding. Anyway I think these were around $900 new, I paid $300 with a three hour drive to Pasadena and back from Huntington Beach. I really don't know much about Phat or this model any imput or ideas would be really appreciated. Thanks for looking!

Nov 18, 2006
Mesa, AZ.
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Awesome score! That is one of the most stylish tandems I have ever seen.
Jan 21, 2009
Zambales, Philippines
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They use the one speed version of those for rentals along the beach here. Every now and then they sell off a few of them.