Jul 30, 2010
Ok RRBBuilders the time is here and finally I can say that I am done. It has been a crazy few months but they have been worth it for me being able to be part of this build off and also watch, comment on everyone with their builds and learn a lot in the process. There are alot of awesome bikes and I wish everyone the best luck on the voting. I am happy with the end result of my bike even with very minimal tools I had to work with, working in our small kitchen, and not having any cool, old, antique, ratty, desirable bike parts. I was also under budget with what I gave myself to spend on the build. Here is the breakdown:

Frame: 1971 Huffy Pennys
Fork: Pyramid Springer Fork
Front Tire: Cheng Shin C97 Street 20 x 1.75 White Wall Tire
Rear Tire: Nirve ...... 20 x 2.125 White Wall Flamed Tire
Stewart Warner Tachometer Used
Seat: Modified Banana Seat Upholstered With Mexican Blanket
Rear Fender: Modified came from a 26" 3 Speed
Chainguard: Modified came from a 26" Cruiser
Grips: Came off a 26" Cruiser
Apehanger/Sissy Bars/Wheels: Used but in better condition
Stem/Pedals/Crank Arm/Crank/Chain/Seat Post: Original Parts Restored

If you would like to check out the build process click on the link below.

Here is the bike when I first bought it from craigslist for 25 bucks.

Here is the bike finished.

Here are closeups of the bike.

Jul 30, 2010
yoothgeye said:
Rattiest seat post clamp ever, I can hook you up if you need a real one, haha.

Great work man, it's art and I wanna ride it.

+1 vote
Thank you sir I appreciate the kid words and vote.
Jul 30, 2010
kingfish254 said:
Very cool ride!
It was fun following your build.
That snub nose seat reminds me of a burro's nose for some reason. Maybe, I have had too many beers.
Haha thanks. Save one for me!
May 29, 2011
Amazing transformation! Your bike is rolling art, but be careful. It looks like some fool thinks it's ok to tag public art. No shortage of idiots.