PedalCar Wagon Wheel Barrow buildoff discussion

Apr 18, 2015
central ohio
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It'll have the kett car drivetrain, but I think I'll pay a visit to KJV and pick up a wagon. Also have my neighbor getting me a wheelbarrow so I can try the DevinScience inspired rat rod truck.

Might just do the dragster on the side... It's going to be a while before I can start building a boat.

And I have no idea where I'd park the dragster, but once I get all my bikes listed and sold I'll have an empty garage.
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Sep 14, 2013
Bradley Illinoiz
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Ok guys... One Thread, and we're all in it. I got this from a moderator, and it's as I thought it'd be.

Usually any smaller build off is run with all builders posting updates in the one thread.
If you look at the first MBBO you can see it was run that way, it works well, there is always an update from someone rather than a whole section empty for days as there is only a few builders involved.

So, we're all in this together.

I think, like what was indicated above, it'll actually be easy to follow. It should stay near the top of the forum if we're all posting our progress, and when we get near the end we can start finished thread which can be used to create a voting thread after the deadline.

I'll start a thread in the "OTHER TALK" forum. EDIT: The Build Thread will be in the Build Challenges forum. We will all post our progress as we go, in the same thread. Pedal Cars, Wagons, and Wheel Barrows are all welcome in the Build Off, and the thread will be called The PedalCarWagonWheelBarrow BO.
Start date will be Sept. 1st and run til Dec. 1st.
Of course, All are welcome!

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Jun 3, 2012
arkansas city,kansas
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Hehe, plus the cost of the rusty gold...
I do like the raggedy fire engine with the silver front...

I wonder what it would take to get this one here...

Carl in 60915.
that thing is awesome!!!!!! i was just going to ask the same thing but i will let you ave it Carl since you asked first there is another one im interested in though let me find it
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Nov 22, 2011
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sounds good because i am already visualizing that one with the stars on it with some modifications done to it
We were in Ark City a month or so ago. The antique store in the old gas station at south end of town had a couple of old pedal cars in the outdoor storage area. I didn't check prices as I was looking for wagons.

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