pedal cars!!!!

Oct 20, 2012
Chicopee , Ma
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this is a picture of me in 1977 on my new pedal car for christmas 8)

i was really bummed when i came of age to wish my parents hadn't gotten rid of it.
i was looking for yeeeeears to find one just like it. i finally found ( and bought ) one last year on craigslist.
i drove to new hampshire to get it . i am stoked to have another. brings me back :mrgreen:
Sep 27, 2007
sac. valley
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After a couple people flaked on buying it, this was donated to the neighbors daughter(until she outgrows it).

Dropped 4" from stock but still fully functional. The splash aprons were shaped to look correct and molded into the frame after those pictures but I haven't had this for a few years, thus, I have no recent pictures.
Oct 18, 2014
Newport NC
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Alas, no- most 'Adult' Pedal Cars are nearly $2000-$3000 range...:20:

One possible exception might be this site:

Costs range from a Parts Kit at under $450 (plus buying PVC and investing sweat) to under $20 for the plans alone and trusting yourself to manufacture a few bits yourself) The DIY cars on display at the site are mostly PVC, bicycle parts, a few homemade brackets...and sweat.

Mind you, if we go DIY we could do worse than a Mochet:

Anyone want to translate the plans from French? :rofl:

Here's an updated Pedal car inspired by the Fantom:

DIY might be the way to go, here.
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