Sep 13, 2007
Northeast Alabama
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Check this guy out. He has some new take-off cruiser seats, chainrings, handlebars, and stems removed from bikes when he does Polo Bike conversions. Prices are reasonable. Also new complete Polo Bikes. He is updating his site to show pictures of the take-off handlebars and stems. Also check out the links to Bicycle Polo which is an international sport. Thanks!!!
Re: parts and supplies

No Talent Clown said:
Here are some sites I have ordered from;
as well as nirve and electra's sites. closed for a couple weeks? I didn't see any notice until after I paid with my creditcard. d'oh!
I can't recommend or I just posted my experience with them here:
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The new Project 346 website is on line. But the most important, the Basman has landed in Canada/US. A small selection of 346 parts and the Basman frame are now available across the pond without the extreme high shippingcosts from Europe to US or vice versa. Check the special e shops for US and Canada on

Happy cruisin"
The Chopperdome

basman33 said:
For the basman33 frames take a look at:



basman33 custom bicycle design
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Sep 23, 2008
Clawson, MI
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Re: Experience with Questionable On Line Parts Seller

lfisher160 said:
Several months ago (Mid May 2007) I was searching for a few parts to finish my Western Flier Triple Tandem Custom. I found and the website showed the parts I needed. I placed an order, which was confirmed by an automated e-mail, and waited. And Waited. And Waited. Every time I checked my order status online it showed "Pending" if I tried to call the voice mail answered and said the "mailbox was full". Nobody responded to e-mail or calls at any time of day. On June 20th, I was so frustrated I sent an e-mail in attempt to cancel the order, I received no reply. Imagine my surprise when on July 10th a partial shipment showed up on my doorstep! I sent more e-mail and made more calls to no avail. I couldn't even obtain a return authorization. Then, on July 23rd, I got an e-mail thanking me for my order and stating the balance had been shipped! Three days later more stuff showed up - a total of $150+ worth of stuff I had ended up buying through my LBS. To this date Streetlowrider still does not return e-mail and the voice mailbox is "full" - Anyone else been screwed by these guys?

You've been warned!

Larry Fisher, Wisconsin
ive used them twice and never had THAT much of a problem.. only took a week or two to get my stuff.. what did you buy??
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hey all ...
locolowriders has been the only 'specialist' store in australia let alone melbourne for coming on 10 years :)
although we have basic lowriders and beach cruisers in the shopfront, we do have a lot of 2nd hand bits for that collector that asks;)

i have a shed full of the old/rusty parts
and love building up the old,raty,rustic,crapy bikes we all know and love!!! is the easiest way to find us ... woot
keep it up all
frogg_y @ locolowriders
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Most of the local shops in my area are all about spandex and road bikes--I get dirty looks when I pull up with my muddy schwinn (no joke). So, I tend to order online. I had a pretty mediocre experience with lovelylowriders and found their parts to be pretty cheap-O. I've had a couple good experiences with electra bike. I will say that I've learned a lot from Sheldon Brown's articles. He was a bike fanatic and loved modifying old bikes. His shop is called Harris Cyclery and they're out on the east coast--West Newton, MA. Quality parts and knowledgeable people. Brown past away last year, but there are a ton of articles up on the site.
Apr 14, 2009
Norfolk, VA
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Ghent Cruisers - Norfolk , VA
If anyone is looking for some fairly custom parts like leaf spring forks, drop seat post, or board track inspired specialized parts.. we either have them, can make them, or or in the process of building them. We specialize in motorized bicycles but they use the same parts as most cruisers. Send me an email if you've got a idea or are looking for something you can't build or find.

Here's a look at our board track drop seat post ... more here:
I just wanted to let everyone know that I have been working to open accounts with suppliers for my shop. I have been able to get one opened at the same place that "lovelylowrider, choppersus, and battleaxe" buys theirs. I saw a post about J&B importers too. I have one with them too plus some others. So what does this mean for all of you? I can save you all some money. The only issue is that I do not have much inventory yet so if there is something you need, I would have to order it. Most items come in a day or two except for the lowrider and chopper stuff. They come from California and I am in Pennsylvania, so it can take up to a week to get here.

If you are not in a hurry, I should be able to save you about 20%. As I see what people are interested in, I will stock more so it will then be faster.

Let me know if there is anything you are interested in.

Jul 17, 2008
sandusky OH
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OSchopper said:
my LBS showed me this link today.

have any of you dealt with them?
I hate dragging up old posts but I thought I'd share my brief experience with these folks.
It took 12 days before they shipped my stuff, I had to ask them for a tracking number. Stuff came today. Pedals almost slipped out of package thru holes created by handlebars.
Sent me 3/32" chain instead of 1/8", they don't even list that size chain.
Gotta' say I'm dissapointed.
And they wouln't be getting any more of my money.