RRBBO13 OMF Coaster Brake Racer 2.0

I was going to start building this bike anyway, and you guys are having a build off, soooo... here’s the build of a simple mountain bike! Don’t worry, if I wanted simple triangles with straight tubes I’d go buy a Kona or something. I want a bike inspired by the sweet cruisers from back in the day, as interpreted by my crazy brain. Some of it is my design, some of it I let the universe resonate through the metal and guide me into designing itself.
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Little out of order, but here’s a shot of the roller action.
But the successful shaping of that down tube using some Swag Off-road dies happened after messing up some nice chromoly tubing on the Harbor Freight dies. 1.5” tubing should be good in 1.5” dies right? Haha nope. Well maybe if it was shaped right. I didn’t notice and kept going creasing the bottom piece. The top piece was after messing with roller and making shims to try n keep it from wiggling. It was digging in anyway.
I was trying to draw out how I would drill holes in both pieces to look good and somewhat similar between pieces but it just wasn’t working out on the left one. So the right side got the holes drilled but what about the other? Well what would fit wasn’t what I wanted to do, but kinda the only right answer. So I made another OMF clover. This ain’t some racing alu’ chainring or something, 0.19” 4130 plate made me work for it.