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Mar 26, 2012
Maplewood, MN
A beautiful night in the upper Midwest. Decided to load up the Rat Trap and take some bikes to the weekly car show close by.

Turns out the host (Culver's hamburger joint) is a bike fan too. He greeted me with my free Double Classic burger coupon before I could even get the bikes out of the trailer!

Fun to mingle with the car guys. Everybody loves the old bikes.

Mar 26, 2012
Maplewood, MN
The Do-Ray trademark was granted to the Doray Lamp Co, Chicago, IL in 1947. Both my headlight and tail light are Do-Ray brand lights. They specialized in all kinds of automotive lights.

These old glass lens lights are really cool. Well made, and artistic as well.

This tail light had a hard fabric rubber strap with a bracket on the end for mounting, likely a clearance lamp for a tractor or some other implement. I once again gutted the lamp, and inserted an LED key chain flashlight for the light source.

I'm feeling like this was the finishing touch on this build. In the next couple of days I will take the Old Manse out to some prime photo locations and then put the wraps on another RRB build off for another year!

As I received it:

Took it apart and inserted the LED mini flashlight:

The on/off button end sticks out the back for easy access. I cut the hole big enough for the threaded part of the cylinder, and so the flange (black part) butted up against the lamp housing. Then threaded the business end on.

I know it's amber, and not red, but it's a rat rod bike, right? And it's a little more orange in person than the pics show. I ran two 6 x 32 1 inch bolts through the housing, one side of the strap and back through the other side; wrapping the seat spring brace in between. Really tight, strong fit!

And now for a little 'light show'....

Mar 26, 2012
Maplewood, MN
I don't think there's an official rule, but I'm not sure you can give yourself the Oddjob award for ratisfaction.:21:
Haha! Nope, only for 'like minds' who make me feel like it could be a bike I would have built.

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