My Huffy Rail Project

Fat Lip

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May 1, 2011
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This is going to be my spring bike project. It's a 1968 Rail that I picked up at a local bike swap meet last year. I want to build something to ride on the local bike trail which is an old railroad track that was converted to a walking/biking trail. I've ridden the trail a few times on my 1968 Orange Krate and had a lot of fun. I decided to build a lighter, more comfortable muscle bike to ride on the trail. What could be more perfect to ride on along an old railroad track than a Huffy Rail? Plus it has a longer frame for more legroom and it's a lot lighter than the Krate. I've been collecting some parts for it over the last few months and hope to get started as soon as it warms up outside. In the meantime, I did a few small modifications. I added a taller sissy bar that I had laying around. I also switched out the front fork and wheel. The original fork was slightly bent and I didn't really like the tall skinny front wheel. I've been looking for a Slingshot fork for a while but couldn't find one. So I just used a Thunder Road MX fork that I had instead. The front rim and tire I picked up at the Trexlertown swap. My original plan was to weld on a bridge to mount the front brake caliper to. But after seeing the front end on the bike I really liked the simple and clean look of no front brake or fender. So what I decided to do was put dual calipers on the back and just run the front brake cable to the second rear caliper. I just knid of mocked up the rear calipers and haven't run any cables yet. My other plans are to repaint the bike blue and mount a blue glitter smoothie seat. This bike is going to be a rider and I don't want to put a seat with chrome mylar strips on it since they tend to rub off after a while. Here are some pics:

This is the bike as I got it:

This is how it looks so far:

And here's a picture of my 68 Krate on the bike trail:
Jun 11, 2012
Visalia, CA
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It might make a collector twitch, but I like the fact that you're making it into a rider that you're going to enjoy. I look forward to seeing updates on this!