MONSON MA Time Again Brrrrrr

May 2, 2011
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I hated to see this one parted out ... I was thinking the same thing on the way home. But I didnt want the whole bike & would not have bought it other wise . I usually only part out bikes with major condition issues rust or repaints are what I typically part out or if I cant sell a bike as a whole bike... The seller had this for sale offering it to the whole country for a long time . Nobody else stepped up in the months it was for sale before the show either. If somebody wanted to keep the bike whole. :? Im glad I got parts Ive wanted for a while & Danamal got some parts he needed .. I dont like seeing history being pieced out either..With that being said if we didn't part the bike out .Its likely somebody else would have parted the bike out at this point anyways. As Ive seen happen time & time again over the years ... :?
Danimal If you need bearing cups I may have a extra set on another Elgin frame I have.. Let me know ..
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Ya I had a concert I had to take my daughter to. Well you know me and parting of good bikes but I guess the parts were needed for other vintage bikes and not used to make a rusty bike look "cool". Sorry I missed all the fellas and I hope we can get a summer ride with everyone!