MONSON MA Time Again Brrrrrr

Dec 7, 2007
New Hampshire
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KZ1000 said:
Thanks for the pics and Congrats on selling your bike, I forgot my camera. I sold a load of stuff and came home much lighter, I regretfully decided to seperate these 2 that have been together since 1942. I'll let TanksaLot, Danimal, Joe fill you in on more details. For the first time the RATRODDERS were very few and far between today, Was it the light sprinkles that kept them home?

First of all, it was an early day for me. Working on only 2 hours sleep (Bruins game kept me up late) means I was running on adrenaline all morning. Showed up at 5:00AM and I WAS NOT the first Rat Rodder there. :shock: :shock: But it was great to see the regulars there even though the turnout was lighter than usual. Luckily, the rain stayed away until most of us were leaving. Picked up a couple small parts, sold one newer MTB I had, passed on a few deals, missed several things I somehow didn't see, briefly had my heart ripped out, got one of the best compliments I could ever ask for on my "show" bike, took part in what could only be described as a "crime to bicycle humanity", drank lots of coffee, and somehow went home pretty darn happy. Typical Monson show if you ask me.

Now, I wouldn't know anything about seperating these two bikes from each other OR about separatating parts off one of them.

All I know is, some guy who claims to be a member here, offered to sell me some fenders for a project bike, which I may or may not have picked up at the show. I also do not know anything about that project bike when it comes to what other members may have owned it for a very short amount of time. 8) 8) :lol:

I do however know, THIS is a COOL bike!!!

Nov 4, 2009
CT Shoreline
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I thought it was a good show,good turnout and plenty of stuff. Thanks ,Nick for the pics,great job,quick on the site.
I appreciate all the nice remarks on the Schwing Bike and remember I didn't weld it but met Brian the good fella
that did.Long distance traveller Willg is now the current winner of the D&S award :) Thanks to those who helped
me find parts and those who asked for my help.Hope to see some folks in Simbury,CT next Saturday for a ride!...Stevil
May 2, 2011
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(Yes it was a Historic crime to bicycle humanity :oops: ",) I plead the 5th :D But it was so worth it we picked that bike like a chicken in a Coyote den :D
I was also working fumes from two hours sleep & a 4 hour drive & running a marathon (shopping the show) .. My 41 Columbia is really going to like the floating hub & the Boat style light...
The good news It was a reasonable buy on a great pile of parts & will up grade several bikes... :D
The bad news Its a shame it was a bike earlier in the day... :(
The battery in the horn was dated 1943 ..
Thank you KZ 1000 for selling us the bike /parts
.. Its ok Danimal it was just another every day 1942 girls bike :lol: :p
Sep 1, 2006
Simsbury, CT
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I am not sure i can be the one to tell the whole story, since I do not have any pics of the bike to prove it, but i will try. I am going to start a post in Fresh Finds and you need to post pics of said bikes and said parts. :D :) :shock:

Jan 21, 2009
New Hampshire Lakes Region
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I think we all made the most of a dreary day. I was glad to unload a bike and some parts, traded handlebars for a cup of coffee and a box of vintage road bike stuff for a handshake and passed on an S-7 rear chrome wheel to a schwinn fanatic and sold 2 belt buckles! Big thanks Rick for the prime parking spot for my Higgins.

It was nice to meet some new RRB'ers and catch up with the rest of the gang that braved the weather.

I have to agree it was a typical Monson, some good deals, some crazy prices and always you see people walking aound with stuff and you're like "where did he get that!" Kind of a lot of road bikes this year, are they taking over?

I'm glad a few of you remembered your cameras. Great job on the photos.

Highlight for me was learning how to ride a bike. Swing-bike that is. Kind of reminded me of my first run on telemark skis. Yikes.

I only purchased a couple of those off road scooters for my kids, a chainguard for my Zep rat pictured earlier, some handlebars and a last minuite glass jewel reflector. Photos maybe tomorrow

Sidenote, I drove back on rte 20 instead of I-90, drove right through the tornado path, unbeleivable...

Also stopped at an antique shop, there was a rusty middleweight Columbia with no fenders, no chainguard, bent fork and a 2 speed kickback, guy was firm at $100.00 :shock:
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I didn't remember about the show until about 11:00 am. And I totally could have gone. The misses was working, I didn't have any chores to do... ugh.

Speaking of the misses, New England guys, I need a beautiful tanker (fully restored or mint original, boys or girls) to borrow for my wedding. Something with a basket would be great. It's for display purposes only near the entrance to the reception hall. It won't be ridden.

Can anyone loan me one? I promise it will be well taken care of, and god forbid if anything happened to it, I would pay for it.

anyone? PM me.

thanks in advance, and sorry I missed the swap.
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Saddened by the thought of parting out bikes that have lasted that long intact. Which is more of the reason why I dont sell any of my bike collection. :roll: At some point the rat rodding hobby will pass but the bikes you parted out shall never be again as one! Wow thats pretty deep aint it. Sorry I missed the festivities fellas but I thought I heard there was a raindrop in the forecast.