(MBBO#05 Class 2) the UNVEGA- sneak peek & ride vid. all done.

Oct 31, 2015
Florida, USA
This should be very interesting! Are you going to keep it a 10 speed? That would be super trick, especially if you were to fabricate some sort of dual console stick shift for it!
Hmmm..that would be cool Crash, I haven't done any shifters, so it might be a bit out of my range - heck I've never even thought about muscle bikes 'till now.
Most likely gonna use a little 3spd freewheel..(subject to change though) .time constraints...goin on the road for the next 2 weeks, and there's a buttt load of welding , touch up and paint match, cuz I want to keep the original color....if possible.


grind down that outside ring that holds it all....or reshape it? make it into a little chain guard? I don't know
Oct 31, 2015
Florida, USA

My original plan was more of a large triangle,,,long runs from fork tube to back, you know, like the Ross Apollo , etc.
Then I decided to convert a road bike....As a result of that brilliant idea.... I have a bunch of cut up parts to assemble into a working bike....Where to start. hmmmm....(strokes beard)

Lets start here:
....lay it out on a full size template, and tack. Yes, it's a fancy jig
...I'll be disclosing the plans for that some other time


But for now, Let the fun begin


Not bad, but when I eyed it, the BB was not square to the littleframe
It was skewed a bit.. Here we go, cut it apart....give it a little twist.....give it another shot.


OK....close enough, that took the skew out of it alright. Apparently, 2nd time's a charm...It's not 'perfect', however (in this shop anyway), any piece within a couple three millimeters of absolute is called 'close enough'.

Now I have something to go off of....yaaaay.


Oct 31, 2015
Florida, USA
The Wheels:

Originally was going to go with chromed wheels, based on the fact that I had a 16" front wheel from a unicycle hanging around. Shiny chrome, but it had the framed housing roller bearings, and I didn't feel like messing with it
Instead, I just bought a little 16" BMX kids bike from Thrift for 5 bucks. Had black rims, but decided to go white......

16" Front: painted, cleared


20" Rear: Painted, cleared
This was off of an Upland BMX bike I had 18 spd.. Decent little freewheel hub, I removed sprockets to get it down to a 3 speed
This rim was surface rusty, so I dismantled to paint and then re-laced it.......

Oct 31, 2015
Florida, USA
A little more progress today
Got the chain-stays welded in. Used the 'string' method with a threaded bolt in the dropouts to keep the width I need. After playing tug of war with it for a while, I'd say it's sitting pretty straight as is


Put a nice bend on the fork, and next need to chop out approx 3 1/2" (almost 9 cm.) out of the straight part of the fork blades so it sits as I envision....(according to the drawing I did, anyway)


And continue that top bar through as well. Sunday I'm heading up to the North Country for a bit, so there will be a little break in posting.
But I'm sure glad I got the basic frame together before I head out.
It's been a bit of a challenge keeping everything in line....whew. :)


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