Oct 31, 2015
Florida, USA
The Unvega
Formerly a 1985 Univega Nuovo Sport road bike
Here's the build story: UNVEGA MBBO5 * Build








It's not a road bike anymore....

Cut up the old beat Univega. Used all of the tubing, bearings, BB, bars, most of it, actually....weld weld paint paint assemble, grease, adjust, groan, reassemble several times & finally ride.
Wheels and other parts are from donors I had laying around
Rear: 20" x 2.125
Front: 16" x 2.125
Hub: Freewheel from Upland BMX. Originally 7 sprockets, stripped and spaced to 3 spd.
Crankset: from BMX Upland 21 spd.
Sissy Bar & Rear Rack: Chrome luggage cart from Thrift.
Paint: Duplicolor Engine Paint, Pontiac Blue
Misc. Parts: hinges, bolts, nuts, clamps, etc. from the junk bin.

Vid....first ride. :happy:

Great fun...I really enjoyed this...never rode a muscle bike before...I missed that whole era...so this was a new learning experience and man, it turned out to be such a fun little bike to ride
O.K...Good luck to everyone in MBBO5
Keep Wrenchin'


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Mar 26, 2012
Maplewood, MN
Man Franco....you created a beautiful bike out of that old 10 spd! Your custom work on the frame, the melding of the rack into the flow, the seat work....over the top!:41:

And, not to start a debate, but that second pic of the full profile on the waterfront...that's my #1!
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Oct 31, 2015
Florida, USA
thanks OJ and Chad ,BikeBum ,Renaissance man, Kingfish, and all of you....
Originally I had that second pic as the first...
and I was thinking. hmmm..it was Odd Job that gave me the steer on last build off pics....so maybe I'll change it back....
I like the waterfront myself...but that first one now shows more detail

That seat is very comfy, some guy on Eebay had a slew of them..I bid 5 bucks and had it in 3 days...I'm going to get a couple more for some of my other bikes....now that I'm getting a little better at recovering them.

I should've just taken ONE picture. :), two at the most.
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Oct 31, 2015
Florida, USA
Thanks 1 H.P....I'm surprised too.. lol..:bigsmile:
But, all seriousness aside. I think in Class II...some of the designs blew some of the "original" Muscle Bike designs from the 60s and 70s out of the water. ref to G.Carls what was the suckiest Muscle Bike of the era? question..I thin it was guitar carl
Honestly tho , to be able to stand shoulder to shoulder with some of the best bike builders from all over the globe really, is an honor, sir...

It's not where I finish that counts ...it's finishing that counts.
That's a gold right there bro.

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