(MBBO#05 Class 2) "¡ʇdᴉɹɔs ǝɥʇ dᴉlℲ" Trike finished thread. (SOLD to finance exciting new venture!)


Nov 17, 2012
Broken Hill, Australia
Unfortunately the time has come to sell the 'FlipTheScript' trike.

My secret project that I have been working on is to build a limited production run of LTJ bicycle frames, the set up to do that is fairly expensive though, I have built bending jigs already but now I need to place an order for laser cut parts and build the main assembly jig, all of which costs money, so, 'FlipTheScript' got listed up today on some local FaceBook pages.

I will be sad to see it go, but I am also really looking forward to getting these frames happening!
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Apr 18, 2015
central ohio
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